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Home Learning in Year 6


Dear Year 6,


We hope you are getting used to learning from home and enjoying the opportunity to explore some new activities and challenges. As well as Maths, English and Science, do remember to take a look at our list of suggested activities in the General folder – there are lots of ideas to try, from cooking a new recipe to creating your own reading den!


We wanted to tell you just how proud we feel of all of you and the calm and positive behaviour you have shown over the last couple of weeks. We understand that some of you will be feeling sad that you might miss some of the important events planned for Year 6, but we know you will be using your creativity to find new ways to support each other and create your own special memories. You might also be feeling disappointed that you won’t be taking your final SATs tests after all the hard work you have put in, but remember all the fantastic progress you have made. Your learning is to make sure you are ready for the adventures of Year 7 and to fulfil your dreams for the future, so keep going and be proud of all you have achieved.


You are a brilliant Year 6 and have consistently been an absolute credit to our school and community. We can’t wait to find out how you are getting on with your home learning, so keep us posted. Remember to keep checking the website for new learning activities and keep in touch.


The Year 6 Team