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Year 4 Mastery Challenge Gallery!

Year 4 Mastery Challenge!


Year 4, we are setting you a challenge! Master a new skill during this time at home. This can be anything you like! You could learn a new dance or a new hula hooping or football skill... or perhaps you've always wanted to learn to juggle? Do you have a desire to become an expert at naming capital cities or flags? Or are you going to learn some words in a new language so that you can have a basic conversation? Perhaps you are going to perfect a particular drawing skill through many attempts, feedback and progress? Choose something you have passion for and become GREAT at it!


Master means be REALLY good at something, so you won’t be able to achieve this in one day. My tip is to work on your new skill for a short amount of time every day and you will make progress over time. It is going to take us at least a couple of weeks to master our new skill so don't rush it.


When you have reached mastery (this might be mastery at a basic level... this is fine :) send your teacher a photograph or video to add to this website page so that the world can see what you have achieved. You could also send photos of your progress so that we can see you getting better and better! Remember... practice makes progress.


From the Year 4 teachers.


P.S. we're doing the challenge too! Here are the skills that we are going to master. Look at the pictures below for evidence of our progress!


  • Ms Nolan is learning Chinese.
  • Mrs Benzie is hoping to be able to do the splits! She has challenged her husband to do the same. Who do you think will be able to do them first, Mrs Benzie or Mr Benzie? surprise
  • Miss Mather is trying to improve her poetry skills! See below for some examples of her progress.


Mastery Challenge Progress...

Enid's new found bike skills

Still image for this video
Enid has been perfecting the art of clipping into and out of her pedals.

Chloe 4F backward walkover

Still image for this video

Miss Mather's Poems




Quick! Hide behind your front door

Unless you want to spread it more

A virus might penetrate your lungs

Risk not the waggling of neighbours’ tongues

Advised to stay two metres away

Not even a visit on Mother’s Day

Time is ticking slower you find

Ideas begin to creep through your mind
Nervously checking on the ones you adored
Entrapped, you pray the world is restored

Wanting to see a flower


How long has it been since I have seen a dinky daisy?

Or a silly sunflower or a dancing daffodil?

I don my trusty anorak to hunt some noble nature,

Ready to admire the fragrant, flaming flora.


Look! A spectrum of colours burst in efflorescence:

Vivacious, veracious violets boasting loudly in the sun,

Luscious, lamenting lavender sighing and swaying steadily,

Mellow, majestic magnolias pirouetting with the breeze.


Oh to be enveloped within this glorious aroma forever,

My nostrils aflame with the sweet, sticky scent,

But alas I cannot stay swathed for much longer,

A tickly schnoz and a snuffly sniffle hamper my delight.



An Ode to 4M


I wonder what will happen today in my mischievous class,

8.30am and already faces are pressed up against the glass,

I turn to wave- a squeal and they vanish into thin air,

Heading out to see 4M, they’re already in their line- how rare!


Immediately ambushed: “Are we doing TT Rockstars today?” 

Another pipes up, “Oh please can we stay outside and play?”

The bell has rung, inside we go, assembly in 5 minutes time,

The cloakroom explodes with bags and coats, like the scene of a crime.


Today we’ll do English first, then maths if you please,

And in the afternoon it’s art and we’ll be sketching trees,

“Can we use the ipads too, we promise we’ll be good!”

“Maaayyybeee…” I dither, not wholly certain they would.


Some fronted adverbials and an expanded noun phrase,

At once, 54 bewildered eyebrows raise,

Guuuuuys, we’ve done this one million times before,

A room full of eyes shift nervously to the floor.


“When I say go you can get a whiteboard out, but listen to me first,”

A flurry of hands as everyone scrabbles, as if it was rehearsed,

“Didn’t I say after I had finished talking? Isn’t that true?”

I give my special glare to those who moved- you and you and you.


“Can we do some jobs at lunch?” fluttering eyelashes plead,

My tummy rumbles, “Sorry girls, my stomach needs a feed!”

Silent reading, “yessssssss”- Miss Mather’s favourite time of day,

The only time to get some peace, if only it could stay.


“Pleeeeease can I go to the toilet?” But we’ve only just had a break,

“Ow but I forgot. I’m desperate. And I’ve got a tummy ache.”

Okay...let’s do some art. Surely nothing can go wrong…

Pencils SNAP, paint goes SPLOSH,everyone bursts into song.


“Is it home time yet?” Oh don’t worry, I’ve been keeping track.

If anyone calls out one more time, I think that I will crack.

Time for a speedy times tables test. “Quickly, booklets out!”

40’s scored across the board, I’m so proud, I could shout.



Late again- Naughty Miss Mather. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.