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Welcome to Term 4 


We hope that you have had a relaxing half term and enjoyed doing some of the activities that we suggested. We are looking forward to all of the learning that we will be doing with you in Term 4.


We look forward to seeing you all at 9am on Zoom every morning. Your teachers will give you an overview of the learning for the day and this will be a chance for you to see all of your friend's and teacher's faces. Please see the suggested timetable below which may help you to structure your day.


Please see the home learning section below where all home learning will be uploaded. There will be a daily Maths and English lesson, with you tube videos to support where appropriate, alongside 1 science and a variety of foundation lessons each week. We will also upload a weekly spelling test video to go alongside the weekly spellings. In addition to this, you will find details of a termly project to complete if this is something that you would like to do. 


In addition to the home learning set, we recommend encouraging your child to read daily, spend time on TT Rockstars practising times tables- please focus on 3 and 5 times tables, and playing some of the maths games on Purple Mash. If your child has a Nessy licence, please encourage them to do 4 x 20 minute sessions a week. If you need any support with their logins or have any Nessy issues, please contact Mrs Whiteside-Knott at


We miss being with you all, and look forward to when we can be back in the classroom together again. We  love to see the work you are doing at home, so please send us photos which we will add to our online photo gallery.


Below you will find the contact details for the teacher 'on call' each day. Please direct any home learning questions to the Year 3 teacher on call on the relevant date. We are more than happy to zoom to provide support for the particular day's home learning. 


Keep safe and enjoy your learning! 
Your Year 3 Teachers 



Teachers on call:


Monday 22nd February- Miss Cook-

Tuesday 23rd February- Miss Abbots-

Wednesday 24th February- Miss Cook-

Thursday 25th February- Miss Abbots-

Friday 26th February- Miss Abbots-

Contact Details:


Mrs Tiernan -

Miss Cook -

Miss Huxley-

Miss Abbots-

Miss Murphy-

Daily Year 3 Zoom!


Please check your emails for all the information you need about the Year 3 daily morning 'zoom'. We look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces there at 9.00am, we will outline the home learning for the day and hear from your teachers. This will be a great way to set you up for the day ahead smiley

Helping your child to cope during the pandemic

It is absolutely normal that your child will be feeling many different things throughout this time and how sometimes, they might find their feelings hard to express and feel never ending.

The link below takes you to a very child friendly information website about Coronavirus with tips on how to stay healthy, feelings the children might be having and tips for mental health and looking after yourself.

This course essentially follows 9 'lessons' however you can just scroll through each screen and read them alongside your child all at once. 

We would suggest you pay particular attention to lesson 4 'How you might feel' and lesson 5 'Tips for Mental Health'.

The link takes you to the log in page. Press ‘log in as a guest’ and it will direct you to the course. Any problems accessing the website, please do let us know.