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Welcome to Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3!

Year 3 teachers this year are Mrs Tiernan and Miss Murphy in 3TH, Miss Cook in 3I, Miss Huxley in 3H and Miss Abbots in 3A. Year 3 are supported by Mrs Fry, Mrs Whiteside-Knott and Mrs Redfern.



Structure of the day for Year 3s at Upton 

Please arrive for school through the side gate into the back playground which will be open at 8.20am. Teachers arrive from 8.30am and the bell goes to start the day at 8.40am. When the bell rings, children need to line up by their class teacher and on the second bell, silently enter the building. We kindly ask that children do not play on the adventure equipment in the mornings. If it is raining, children enter through the main entrance,


Break time is at 10.10am. Unfortunately, unlike Year 2, we do not receive free fruit. However children are encouraged to bring in any fruit or veg as a healthy mid morning snack. As with the rest of the school - no nuts.


Lunch time is 11.30-12.30. 


The day ends at 3.00pm. We will bring the children out into the back playground ready to be collected. We ask children to let us know who is picking them up or if they are going to an after school club.


Any questions, please just ask!