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Week commencing 14.03.22


This week in school we are focusing on writing a formal letter of complaint. We are pretending that we have been staying in the inn from the poem 'The Highwayman', which we have been studying. We are going to be making sure our writing is formal, as well as thinking carefully about our sentence structures and vocabulary. 

On Thursday and Friday, see if you can look back through the 2018 SPaG paper and correct any answers you weren't sure about.

Lesson 4 and 5

This week, we are beginning a new topic on ratio. We will begin by understanding what ratio is and then work through questions to show our understanding. 

On Friday, see if you can have a go at some of the questions from the last arithmetic test we did. Are there any you couldn't do before but now can?

Science and Foundation subjects


Please explore the wealth of activities on the school's home learning pages and those of the Oak Academy Trust if you would like some more learning to do at home.

DT and Computing

See if you can create your own stop-motion animation at home. You could watch the videos below for inspiration. 

DEADLINE post-it stop motion

Baby Snake Music Video