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Week commencing 10.01.22


This week in school we are focusing on developing our reading comprehension skills, specifically those of retrieval, inference and word meaning. The work will be linked to our class book which we are exploring this term, Journey to the Riversea. You can follow the sessions below which we will be doing in class. Do try and read up to chapter 4 by the end of this week.




Alternatively, you could choose a reading activity each day from those on the Oak Academy trust webpages.


In Maths this week we are continuing our learning on decimals. Below are the lessons and work sheets for this week's learning. 

Science and Foundation subjects


Please explore the wealth of activities on the school's home learning pages and those of the Oak Academy Trust

We are beginning our rivers topic by looking at different biomes and vegetation belts across the world. Have a go at the quiz and see if you can do some research at home.