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Week 6 - beginning 8th February

This week we will be looking at equivalent fractions. There are some additional resources that you might find useful including a fraction wall (stick it onto cardboard and cut the pieces out!), cuisenaire rods and a times table grid (this will help the children find equivalent fractions by multiplying and dividing without the additional challenge of remembering their times tables) 


Using TT Rockstars or times table booklets would be a great starter challenge for this week!


In the pink sheets the children will be finding fractions of amounts, if they struggled with some of the work last week, or find the equivalent fractions too challenging, there are additional videos that will go over what they need to do. 


There are lots of ways for the children to continue to explore fractions at home. Spend some time baking and cutting their baked goods into fractions, sharing things out using the fractions like we did with the smarties or hunting for fractions around the house. Don't forget we use fractions every week with our spelling test! 


Have a great last week Year 3!