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Week 5 - beginning 1st February

Hello Year 3,


We are continuing our work on fractions this week. We will be learning how to find fraction of amounts, solve fraction word problems and compare fractions.


Friday's lesson involves smarties. This is optional. You can still do the lesson without the smarties, but if your parents give you permission, it might be a nice Friday treat!


Do what you can of the sheets, remember that in school you don't always reach the solve it. If you are finding the main sheets hard, have a go at the pink sheets which are at the bottom of some of the documents or separate documents. 


There is a repeated question on Tuesday's sheet from Friday. If you have already done this question, click on the repeated question document and have a go at that question instead.


Well done for all your hard work year 3! We are all very proud of you. 


Miss Cook

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