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Week 5

Week 5 - Mass, capacity and volume

Welcome to week 5 Maths. We are continuing with our learning of measure, and focusing this week on mass, capacity and volume. If you have some kitchen weighing scales, they would be useful for the first part of the week, and a measuring jug would be useful for Thursday and Friday. However, having these resources is not essential and you can still take part in the learning and activities without them.

If you are still not confident with telling the time, please still do practice with this at home and look back the previous 2 weeks of learning.


Each day, as usual, there will be a worksheet and video. There will often be more than one 'Solve it' but these are optional. You don't need to print the sheets out, you can just write the answers down on a piece of paper if that is easier. Good luck!

Tuesday 19th May