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Week 4

I have just spoken with Ava in 4B who highly recommends the app 'Set The Clock' which has helped her learn to tell the time! It is a paid for app (79p) so not at all a necessity, but if you were interested in looking at other ways to practise telling the time Ava and her dad think it's great!

Monday 11. 5. 20

LO I can recognise time in different formats

ChuckleMaths - Time

Extra video I mention - worth a watch :)


Year 4 Maths Tuesday 12 5 20

Year 4 Maths Tuesday 12th May. LO I can investigate 24 hour time


Year 4 Maths Wednesday 13 5 20

Year 4 Maths, Wednesday 13.5.20 LO I can convert between 12 and 24 hour

YEAR 4 MATHS 14 5 20

Working through the Problems WITH Mrs Franklin YEAR 4 MATHS 14 5 20

Answers (corrected, there were some human errors in the copy that was put up originally)

Year 4 Maths Friday 15 5 20