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Week 3 week beginning 18th Jan

Y6 Maths Monday 18th January

Writing simple fractions as decimals.

Y6 Maths Tuesday 19th Jan

Converting fractions to decimals by dividing.

Y6 Maths Wednesday 20th Jan

Understanding percentages.

Well done to the eagle-eyed mathematicians who have spotted that the answer to Q3 on sheet 1 should be 53% not 68%. The answer sheet is published as a pdf file by White Rose Hub, so we can't change it. But it's reassuring to see that even professional mathematicians make mistakes sometimes - mistakes are an opportunity to learn!

Y6 Maths Thursday 21st Jan

Converting fractions to percentages.

Y6 Maths Friday 22nd Jan

Equivalent fractions, decimals and percent.

Support videos

Video to support fractions to decimals Monday

Watch this from 1.35

Video to support fractions to decimals Tuesday

Watch from 1.38 minutes

Video to support understanding percentages Wednesday

Watch from 0.53 minutes.

Video supporting fractions to percentages Thursday

Watch from 1.06 minutes.

Video to support equivalent fractions, decimals and percent Friday.

Watch from 1.22 minutes.