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Week 23/11/20



We are linking our learning to our class book, The Ice Palace, again this week.

Listen (don't watch) to some Russian folk music and imagine this was playing as you entered a village that you had never seen before. 

What does it make you think of? Why would this type of music be playing? What was happening when the music was playing? What do you think you could see?  Who would be in the village? What is the weather like? What is the atmosphere like? What are people wearing? What are you feeling?

Make notes using expanded noun phrases.


Rest of the week

Over the next 2 days, write a recount of 'you' entering this new village. You want to 'paint a picture with words' of this village so your expanded noun phrases and description need to be amazing! Remember to try and use fronted adverbials too.

Capture the atmosphere, what is going on, who is there with you and what they are doing, so it tells the reader exactly how you felt as you discovered this place for the first time. This shouldn't go into an adventure story, it should just be a descriptive recount.

Aim to write 4 paragraphs. Edit and improve your work.


Your final activity this week is too actually 'paint the picture' of your scene! Or pencil crayons is fine!





This week we are focusing on multiplication and, in particular, timetables.

The week's worksheets are attached.  Please also do as much timetables practice on TT Rockstars as you can.