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Week 1

Welcome back year 3. We hope you had an enjoyable break. In maths this week we will be exploring money. There will be a new video everyday explaining the learning for the day. The sheets are in the normal 'Do it', 'Twist it', 'Solve it' format this week. Do not feel that you have to complete the whole sheet, just do what you can. Additionally there are optional problem of the days, daily maths workouts and links to some money games for you to complete if you choose to. Don't forget you can also use TT Rockstars and Purple Mash.  


The maths workouts below take a similar format to the 'maths meetings' that we complete in school. Each work out should take about 10 minutes and can be completed as often as you like, usually 3 - 4 times a week when we are in school. The workouts and answers can be found below.  

Friday's challenge! 

Do you want to test your problem solving skills? Have a go at these challenge question. You can do these individually or you can get your family involved and have a go at them together. The answers will be released on Monday. 

Good luck!