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Vision and Values

Ashton Gate Primary’s Vision & Values


Our vision: what kind of school do we aspire to be?

We aim to be a caring, happy, learning community where every child is able to reach their full potential.


How do we do this?

We work with our local community, and parents in particular, to build a learning environment based on the following core values.


What priorities guide us?


We value:


1. Collaboration and community:
We work closely with our local community for mutual enrichment. We trust and support parents as co-educators. We encourage children to help each other in their learning.


2. Personal aspiration and growth:

We encourage staff and children to develop individually, socially and intellectually through a wide and rich range of learning experiences. We want everyone to make the most of their abilities and interests, whatever they happen to be, wherever they may lead.


3. Being happy and healthy:
We encourage everyone to live healthy lives (physically, socially, emotionally) and to enjoy the experience of being in school. We provide a safe and caring place to learn, supported by a warm and supportive climate of mutual respect and personal responsibility.


4. Great staff, great teaching:
We recruit and develop staff who inspire learning at every level to help children develop the skills they need. We set high standards of professionalism and have rigorous systems to ensure a rich, responsive and effective learning environment.


5. Creativity and innovation:
We encourage critical thinking, curiosity, imagination, originality, the freedom to take risks in thinking, and a general love of learning that continues beyond the gates of our school.


6. Flexibility and improvement:
We recognize the need for us all to be adaptable and responsive to a complex, challenging and changing world, and to find ways to continuously improve what we do. This means being: pragmatic and open-minded, thorough in assessing what we do, and imaginative in finding ways to do it better.


7. The diversity of our world:
We urge care for and celebration of our rich and varied local and global communities. We develop our understanding of difference, and draw strength from that. We want to be a positive influence on the world(s) around us.


We are “an inspiring learning community for life”.