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Topic and the Wider Curriculum


Make a short video on a phone, iPad or camera of you or somebody else looking sad, blowing bubble and then looking happy. Watch it back, what could you do to make your video even better? Make the video again, including any changes and improvements you thought of.



How can you represent bubbles with a variety of materials? Could you use crayons, felt tips and paints to show the different colours? Could you use cling film to show them looking transparent or foil to show them shining? You could blow bubbles using a straw in water mixed with paint and put the paper on top (remember not to drink the paint!)

Topic and the Wider Curriculum


  • Create a picture album and write a descriptive sentence underneath each one.
  • Prepare a dish from a recipe book.
  • Practice skipping, catching and throwing.
  • Make rubbings using the things you can find in the garden using a wax crayon.
  • Just Dance on YouTube.
  • Make a different exercise activity for each room of your home. E.g. squats, lunges, sit ups, press ups, body twists, spotty dogs, running on the spot. 
  • Joe Wicks 15 minute workouts for kids (YouTube).
  • Use Google Maps to find a country of your choice. Then use the internet to research that country and make a fact file or poster.