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The Year 2 Day

The Structure of the Year 2 Day.


Class Teachers will welcome the children from 8.50 for the day to start at 9.00.  Enter the school through the small gate leaving your children at the main door and then exit through the small gate at the rear of the building.


9:00    Register

9:15    Phonics


9.35     Maths or English


10:20   Assembly



10.45   Playtime



11.00    Maths or English


12:15 - 1:15 - Year 2 lunch time


13:15     Register


13:20    Reading time  


13.35    Class reading, foundations subjects and P.E. 


14:10     Playtime



3.20    Year 2 teachers will bring the children onto the allocated playground areas for home time pick-up.


Fruit will be available for the children to have as a snack during morning playtime.


Year 2 parents will be allowed onto the playground from 3:10.  Please wait until the Year 1 parents have cleared and then enter through the gate and collect your children from the allocated playground.


If you have any questions about these details please ask.


Many thanks


Year 2 Team