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Term 6

Week beginning 13th July

Active Reading Task

Design a poster about your favourite author!  What interesting facts can you find out about them?  How many books have they written?  Can you recommend books by this author?  Why? 

You could use the worksheet format if you prefer.


Week beginning 6th July

Active Reading Task

Design a brilliant book den!

Design a fun place to read!  Is it in a room inside your house or would it be in the garden?  A reading tree house maybe or a climbing frame converted into a reading den?! How will you store your books and how will they be organised? What will you sit on to read? What colours and decoration would it have?  Or you could create your own real reading den with blankets and cushions and you might even need to read by torch light!

Week beginning 29th June

Active Reading Task

Spend time choosing a favourite book to read to a friend or relative.  Practice reading with intonation and fluency to make it interesting for them to listen to.  You could read to them via Zoom or Facetime etc if they are not in your house or perform for them in your garden!  You could ask them choose something to read to you next time!

Week beginning 22nd June 2020

Active Reading Tasks

Reading Games for all in your house!

Story charades

Write the names of popular books on separate pieces of paper.  Fold and put into a bag. Take turns with people in your house to pick a title.  When it’s your turn you must mime (act without words!) to get someone to guess the story!

Character quick draw

Choose a well known character from a book (or have a list).  You have to draw the character for someone else to guess as quickly as possible.  You could put yourselves into teams or time how long it takes for someone in your house to guess.  Swap around.

Week beginning 15th June

We will continue to have two reading comprehensions and a new 'Active Reading Task'.  I hope you enjoyed the task from last week and let your teacher know which book you became the star of!

Active Reading Task 2

Can you re create the cover of a favourite book using resources in your home?  We know how creative you are! Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


Reading Comprehensions

Week beginning 8th June 2020

This week you have two reading comprehensions and an 'Active Reading Task'!  An 'Active Reading Task' develops the reading skills needed in Year 3 but also should be fun and creative.  We want all children to have a life long love of books. We hope you enjoy the first task and there will be a different one each week!

Active Reading Task 1

Be the star of a book!

Choose a favourite book to read but substitute your name for the main character throughout the story!  If possible record yourself reading and play it back for your family to enjoy!  You may want to pick a short story or picture book or just read a chapter as the main character.  Your teachers would love to know which book you became the star of! 

Week Commencing 01.06.20

Linking to our learning on Ancient Greece, this week's reading tasks all have a Greek theme. Each of the reading tasks are differentiated, meaning that are shorter and simpler versions, or longer versions with slightly trickier questions. This is so that you can decide which version you think best suits your child. One of the activities is the Story of Arachne which we will be using for our writing this week. The questions will really help you deepen your exploration of the themes in the story. Have fun with your reading and don't forget to send any work you wish to your class teacher or contact them if you have any queries.