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Week 1


Your history task this week is to create a timeline of British history. Use the websites below to research and remember to use your previous learning. What eras have we already studied? This term we will be studying the Vikings so you must include them. Can you include dates and key events for each era? 


You can present your timeline in any way you choose. Take your time and be creative! You could peg sheets of paper onto a washing line, one to represent each era. You could create a board game where you move through the ages or you could stick to a line with dates and events on it. It is up to you! 


We would love to see your timelines if you are would like to share them.  

British History timeline cards to sort


We are sticking with the Viking theme for our music lessons this term. Your challenge is to learn some Viking Saga Songs. Whilst you work through these lessons, not only will you improve you music skills, you will also learn about Viking gods. This first lesson is all about Loki the Joker. 




Your art task this week is to explore the work of Bridget Riley and to start to create an 'Op art vertical lines' drawing.

Op Art lesson 1


Here is a BBC Bitesize learning clip all about a pair of pupils who do not want to go to school. In it you can learn names of subjects and begin to learn how to tell the time. Hopefully, you can appreciate the irony of our chosen clip!