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Term 4 Homework 1

Year 5 Homework Term 4 Week 1


English: In English we are finishing off our Shakespeare unit, looking at Sonnets. Can you find a sonnet and learn it by heart? Perform it to your family, or share it with your class, maybe you could record yourself performing it and send it in to your teacher?

Shakespeare's Sonnets | Royal Shakespeare Company (

Shakespeare Sonnets: All 154 Sonnets With Explanations️ (


Maths: In maths this first week we are looking at decimals. Watch the linked video and have a go at completing a correlation chart for fractions and decimals.

Y5 Spring Block 3 TS3 Equivalent fractions and decimals (hundredths) on Vimeo


Science: In science this term we will be looking at forces. What forces have you already learnt about at Ashton Gate? What did your Reception – Year 4 teachers teach you about forces? Create a knowledge poster, with all the information you remember from previous years about ‘forces’.