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Term 3 light

Light lesson 6

Our last lesson on light! Well done Y6. 

We would like you to build something to help you see objects that aren't directly in front of you. Please record in a diagram how this works. We would love to see your work you have completed, any diagrams, plans or notes would be lovely!

Light lesson 5

Research how we see things, using a video and some texts.

You are expected to watch a video and refer to some texts to find out how we see things. 

You will then complete a diagram with a short paragraph underneath explaining how we see things.

As you carry out your research, you will find other facts out. You should record these too. There are sheets on the website to use, if you would like to print them off. Otherwise, please work on paper. Keep your work as you will need it next week.

Light lesson 4

Which materials are the most reflective? Why are some materials very reflective?

This week you will plan a fair test to find out which material is the most reflective. You will record your fair test and carry out the investigation.

Light lesson 3

How does light travel?

This week you will carry out some investigations to help you decide how light travels.  You will then watch a demonstration video that will help you make up your mind. 

You will be asked to produce a labelled diagram that shows Tom how light travels. Keep the diagram for week 4 as we will look at a few examples and see if we can improve them.

Light lesson 2 Do you really need a torch to see in the dark?

For this activity you are expected to predict which character is correct: the neighbour, Tom's uncle or his grandma.

You will then plan an investigation to test which objects can be seen without light, carry out the investigation and record your results. 

Finally, you need to report your findings and convince the other two characters that you are correct!

Light lesson 1

First video, we will be grouping and classifying as well as thinking about sources of light.

For this activity you will need to classify and group different light sources and reflective materials.