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Term 3 Homework 2

Homework Week Beginning 16.1.23


Maths: We are still looking at formal written multiplication methods. If you found this tricky last week have another look at the video, and see if you can practise answering some written calculations.


We are also starting to look at short division later this week:


Knowing your times tables will really help you, so if no time for anything else this week, spend a bit of time practising saying your times tables to yourself.


English: Full stops. Where do they go? Have a go at the worksheet and see if you can identify the correct punctuation. 

If you’re not sure about where fullstops go, or want a reminder you might want to watch this video: (vocabulary check – find out what ‘interrogative’ and ‘exclamatory’ mean)



What can you teach us about the Elizabethan Period? You can present your knowledge in any way you like, a slideshow, a piece of art, a model, a booklet you’ve made, etc.. be creative, take your time and we look forward to learning lots in the last week of term!