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As part of out Science Week theme of 'Growth' we have been investigating the question 'Do all of our body parts grow as we get older?' We used templates of hands to judge how big our own hands were and made a tally chart of our results, then used this to create a bar chart. We also tried to find someone in the class with exactly the same hand size as us. We found out that even two children are the same age, their hand size can be completely different! The most surprising result was that on average, most of the girls had bigger hands than the boys. 

Sorting materials

We have been learning about materials and their properties. As part of our investigation of materials, we sorted them into those that are waterproof and those that are not waterproof. It provoked a lot of interesting discussions!

As part of our 'living things and their habitats' topic, we learnt all about food chains! We had a go at using some pictures of different plants and animals and putting them into a food chain and orally explaining what was happening in our food chain.

We had a lesson on 'pattern seeking' and investigated whether or not all apples have the same amount of seeds and made predictions about whether or not the bigger the apple, the more seeds it has. We started the lesson by making hypotheses and discussing our thoughts, then cut open different sized apples and counted how many seeds they had inside. We found out that just because an apple is big, it does not mean it has a lot of seeds!

We went on a mini beast hunt to find out how many different mini beasts live in micro-habitats around the school. We recorded our results using a tally chart and converted our data into a bar chart! The most common mini beasts found were spiders, ants, beetles, woodlice, worms and snails!