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We would love to see some photos of your science experiments or science creations. Please send them to your class teacher so we can upload them and share your wonderful learning to the Year 3 Home learning gallery.
  • Research some facts about flowers and use these facts to make a poster. Some examples of flowers you could research are: ‘UK wild flowers’, ‘winter flowers’, or ‘flowers commonly considered to be weeds’.  Think about the following questions: where do they grow e.g. in gardens, greenhouses, wild flowers growing naturally in fields, etc? Why do flowers grow in different environments?
  • Set up your own Science planting experiment. What does a plant need to grow? Set up a fair test where you just change 1 thing to see what conditions it needs.
  • This week in science we have been looking at plants that we eat. Have a look at all the fruit and vegetables you have in your house and categorise them into their correct group. Does the plant belong to the root, leaves, seed, fruit or stem family?