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Light is so important to us, for our physical health, our mental health as well as out spiritual health. Let's find out more about the science of light!

Light lesson 1 Sources of light

First video, we will be grouping and classifying as well as thinking about sources of light.

You could print the pictures off but this is not necessary, you could easily write the names of the objects down.

Light lesson 2 Do you really need a torch to see in the dark?

You will be planning and carrying out an investigation to test 3 ideas about seeing in the dark.

For this activity you are expected to predict which character is correct: the neighbour, Tom's uncle or his grandma.

You will then plan an investigation to test which objects can be seen without light, carry out the investigation and record your results. 

Finally, you need to report your findings and convince the other two characters that you are correct!

Light lesson 3 How does light travel?

How does light travel? Can you convince Tom?

This week you will carry out some investigations to help you decide how light travels.  You will then watch a demonstration video that will help you make up your mind. 

You will be asked to produce a labelled diagram that shows Tom how light travels. Keep the diagram for week 4 as we will look at a few examples and see if we can improve them.