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Welcome to Ashton Gate Reception:


It's been so brilliant to welcome the children back after half term - they've all been amazing and it's lovely to see them so keen to learn and take part in every aspect of Reception life.


This term, classes will have time to follow their own themes and topic and we can't wait to see where the learning journeys take them all - they are so creative and have lots of brilliant ideas.


In phonics we will be concentrating on the skills of orally blending and segmenting (hearing and saying the individual sounds in words e.g. c-a-t so that you can put them together to say a word and separate them to spell it when you hear the word). We will also start Stage 2 of letters and sounds, where we link the grapheme (the written letter/s) to the sound it makes (the phoneme) e.g. s, a, t, p, i, n.


We will be looking at pattern and number this term in maths, with lots of fun games and using the book Kitchen Disco to have lots of fun while we learn.

Reception Newsletter - Term 2

Reception Staff


EYFS Lead: Mrs Cath Sands


Ladybird Class:  Mr Riley  (Class teacher)

                         Mrs Douglas


Butterfly Class: Mrs Houghton (M,T,W) and Miss Chapman (W, Th, F) (Class teachers)

                           Miss Ward.


Caterpillar Class: Mrs Sowden (Class teacher)

                             Mrs Forsythe


Bumblebee Class: Miss Carter (Class teacher)

                               Mrs Poynter










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