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All children will be given at least 1 reading book. Please let us know if your child has not got a book in their bag as they may have left them in their tray.  Children are able to change their book each week, we encourage reading to be done at home each day if possible and it can be really useful to read the same book more than once.


When reading with your children, talk about what they have read and see what they can remember. You can also ask them to predict what might happen next. As children are learning, it can be helpful to mix up reading with them reading some and you reading some. Alongside reading their reading books, it is also great to carry on reading other stories to your children at bedtime etc.


If you require extra reading resources alongside reading books please see the links below:


Thank you in advance for taking on your important role in helping your children to read. We hope that you all enjoy the above resources as much as we enjoy hearing your children read in school.


Please feel free to contact your class teacher if you have any questions about reading.