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At Ashton Gate Primary School we believe every child should have access to quality, inspirational reading material in order that they develop a keen interest in the written word which will stay with them throughout life. Reading supports all areas of the curriculum and impacts heavily on writing ability. We strive to instill in our children the sense of excitement, fun and pleasure that can be derived through reading.

Ashton Gate Reading Curriculum Overview



Teaching Phonics

At Reception and Key Stage 1 we use ‘Letters and Sounds’ to teach Phonics. We have a 20 minute daily phonic session where the children learn about how to read and write using phonic knowledge. The children play many different phonic games to develop their understanding of how sounds make words and how words are used to make sentences. All Year 1 children participate in the National Phonic Screening in June. They read twenty real and twenty ‘psuedo’ words to test their phonic knowledge.


Guided Reading

In Key Stage 1 Reading Time takes place daily. Guided reading is introduced in Reception in Terms 5 and 6. The children develop their word recognition and comprehension skills. At Key Stage 2 the children complete at least one written comprehension weekly which includes feedback. Additionally, the teachers at Key Stage 2 ask comprehension questions daily, in less formal situations. This includes the end of the day book and when using Power of Reading texts.


Reading for Pleasure

Each classroom has a dedicated, welcoming themed book area which includes an author/genre of the month. The children are able to enjoy books at playtime. Towards the end of the day, the teacher reads to the children from the class author or the chosen class novel. Children are able to access poems from their book corner for their own enjoyment. The children enjoy special reading occasions such as ‘Bedtime Stories’, National Poetry Day, Poetry Slams and World Book Day.


Parents in Partnership

Parents are encouraged to read with their child at least three times a week and record it in a reading record. Individual reading books are from Oxford Reading Tree, The X Project, Rigby Star and Collins which offer a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts for the children to enjoy. The children are able to use the online ‘Bug Club’ at home to

access a wide variety of e books at their reading level. Other useful websites for parents are or or or



We love our school library which receives a generous donation from our PTA every year to update the books. Year 1 to Year 6 visit the library every week and are able to take a book to enjoy. Reception classes come up to the main library from their unit from Term 2.



Year 6 Librarian Club

Author Visits


In October 2021 we welcomed author Ross Welford in to speak to Year 5 and 6 about the magic of reading, creating stories, and his own wonderful books. It was a truly MAGICAL talk and was thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils and staff who were lucky enough to see Ross talk. Afterwards Ross signed books and answered questions in our school library. We are very grateful to our local small bookshop StorySmiths who organised this author event for us. 


Reading Policy