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RE (Religious Education)

In Religion and Worldviews we aim to give children an understanding of Christianity and the major world faiths. As the children progress through the school they will encounter different religions and worldviews. In Key Stage One, children will encounter Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In Key Stage Two, children will revisit these religions, but also encounter Hinduism and non-religious views, such as Humanism. Our curriculum follows the 'Awareness, Mystery, Value' syllabus which has been agreed for Bristol.


We are delighted to have been awarded the 'Wider Inclusion in Religious Education' award!  This recognises the diversity of our curriculum and our drive for enriching experiences through workshops, visitors and trips to explore a variety of world views. 


Please find a link to the locally agreed 'Awareness, Mystery, Value' syllabus below: 

Year 2 visited Park Row Synagogue to explore why synagogues are special places for Jewish people.

Year 2 took a trip back in time at St Francis' Church to discover the very first Christmas and explore the Christian Christmas Story.

Year 4 explored the importance of Jesus to Christians during a workshop led by 'Encounter Christianity.'

Shikshak Vandan Diwas (Teacher Appreciation Day) at Bristol's Hindu Temple

Year 3 learned about many aspects of the Jewish faith through our visitor, Iris, from the Bristol & West Progressive Jewish Congregation

Year 5 had a visit from a humanist to explain what this worldview means. Matt answered many challenging questions from our inquisitive pupils!

Year 6 had a visitor from the George Muller museum and found out about his life and how he helped orphans in Bristol. The pupils are going to think about his life when they decide who should inspire us. They looked at artefacts from the orphanages too.

Entries for the Spirited Arts Competition!

Religion and Worldviews at Ashton Gate Primary School

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Parental right to withdraw children from RE

As Ashton Gate is a maintained school, a parent can request that their child is wholly or partly excused from:

  • Receiving RE given in the school in accordance with the school’s basic curriculum
  • Attendance at religious worship in the school Ashton Gate will always grant such requests.


The right of parents to withdraw their children from religious education (RE) lessons is set out in section 71(1) of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998, in paragraph 1. Please contact Mr. Donaldson or Mrs. Dowlman if you wish to discuss withdrawal from RE.