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Talk to an adult at home about how you feel about moving up to Year 6. Use these discussion prompts to help you:


What changes have you dealt with recently? 

How did these changes make you feel?

How did you feel when you first found out that you couldn’t come to school? How did you feel after a few weeks? Did your feelings change? How did you feel after being at home for a month? How do you feel now?

Have your feelings changed and adapted over time?

Has there been any good changes recently?

Has everybody felt the same things at the same time? Does everyone react to change in the same way? Why? Why not?



  1. Is there anything about moving to Year 6 that you are nervous about or do you have questions that you want answering?
  2. As you are not going to have your usual transition with your new teacher, if you have any questions, please can you email your current teacher and we can pass them on and hopefully have your worries or questions answered.
  3. Please also create a poster/ list of all the things you are looking forward to about starting Year 6 in September.

Kindness Challenge


There are lots of different ways we can show people we care. Set yourself a challenge this week to complete surprise acts of kindness at home. Afterwards, fill in the table to reflect on how it made you feel.