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History project 

Watch the video about Brunel linked below. Then, see if you can use the internet to do some more research and find out more about his life. Try and complete some of the activities below, or create some of your own. 


-Create a factfile about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Where and when was he born? What was his job? What were his greatest achievements? What else can you find out about him?

-Write a job advert for an engineer. What kind of person would you be looking for?

-See if you can find out some more information about Brunel and Bristol. You could research the SS Great Britain, or Clifton Suspension Bridge. 

-If he was alive today, what would you ask him? Write a letter to Brunel, telling him what you think about his creations, including some questions that you would like to know more about.

-If you could design something new for Bristol, what would it be? Draw and label your design neatly.

-Write a short, persuasive text about why Brunel is an important part of Bristol history.

-See if you can research some other important historical figures that are related to Bristol. Why were they important?

Antarctica Project

Identity self-portrait

Earth Day Challenge

This Wednesday 22nd April is the 50th annual Earth Day. To mark the occasion, take a look at the Earth Day Challenge, a series of daily challenges that you can complete at home. They have been designed to allow people to connect and take action to help protect our planet. How many challenges can you complete?

Aardman hat design creative challenge!

The creative team at Aardman have come up with a fun challenge to use what you can find at home to make or customise your own hat. The Year 6 staff team are hard at work on this and will be posting photos of our efforts - please send us your photos. We know we'll be bowled over by your designs!

Challenge #3 | Make Your Own Hat | Aards & Craft #WithMe

It's time for #AardsAndCraft CHALLENGE 3! Well done to everyone told great stories with their characters this week, you really made us laugh! This week, we w...