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Term 2 - Preview Learning


Weeks 1 and 2

Think of an animal. Give clues to what that animal is and see if your partner can guess what it is. How many clues will your partner need before they guess your animal?

Can you write a short sentence to caption a picture of your animal? (e.g. It  is  a  _____ . )

Remember your finger spaces!


Weeks 3 and 4

Think of some questions to ask a partner about an animal they are thinking of. Write down your questions and remember to use a question mark. Can you read your sentences back? Can your partner read your sentences?


Weeks 5 and 6

Look at the pictures in a favourite book. Write short sentences describing two things you can see in these pictures. Use 'and' to join your ideas in your sentence (e.g. I  can  see  a  dog  and  a  cat.)


Week 7

Think about ways you can be kind and helpful over the holidays. Write short sentences to describe what you can do to help (e.g. I  will  clean  my  room.)


Remember to:

Use finger spaces between words.

Use capital letters at the start of the sentences and for people's names.

Finish your sentences with a full stop.



Please give your children opportunity to sound out words and read their reading books. Look online for examples of CCVC, CVCC and CCVCC words (C - consonant, V - vowel)

Please also refer to the phase 3 and phase 5 sound mats:

Image result for phase 3 sound matImage result for phase 5 sound mat







Weeks 1 and 2

Learn all different number bonds to 2, 3 and 4

(e.g. 0 + 3 = 3, 1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 1 = 3,  3 + 0 = 3) 


Weeks 3 and 4

Learn all different number bonds to 5, 6 and 7


Weeks 5 and 6

Learn all different number bonds to 8, 9 and 10


Week 7

Find objects in your house and describe the shapes you see (e.g. a shoe box would be a cuboid. A table might have a circle as a surface)







Weeks 1 and 2

At a park / out of a window / in your garden try to find two different trees. Do you know what kind of trees these are? What do you notice that is similar or different with these trees?


Weeks 3 and 4

Can you find, draw and label an example of an animal that is:

a mammal

an amphibian

a reptile

a fish


Can you think of any other types of animals?


Weeks 5 and 6

Can you find, draw and label an example of an animal that is:

a herbivore

a carnivore

an omnivore


Can you think of examples of food each animal would like to eat?


Week 7

Look outside. What does the weather look like? Does it look the same as it did when we first started in Year 1? What season is it? How do you know?