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PE challenges

PE PowerPoint Week 1 - Term 4

PE POWERPOINT 10th February 2021

Coach Charlie's gymnastics competition. Check out this fantastic virtual competition. Open the PowerPoint below for all the details.

PE February 4th 2021. (This is in a Powerpoint Document)

Warm up dance

'Can't stop the feeling'

Paper fitness

Paper fitness workout using 6 or more sheets of paper! Come up with your own movement pattern and let us know how it works.

Hand eye co-ordination

All you need is a ball or 2, this can be done either in or outside! Experiment with your own ball skill and send it in for us to see!!

Yoga Routine 1 photo sheets & facts

Yoga routine 1

We will add a new routine each week, here is routine 1. There is a picture sheet to go with the routine so you can have a look beforehand. Have a look at the...

Ashton Gate Plank Challenge!!

Online PE ideas

Ideas for keeping active whilst at home..
Outdoors activities -
Walk/Jog/Cycle/Skip/Scoot/Skate/Pogo stick!!

Activities found online
Pilates for kids
Cosmic Kids Yoga...
Joe Wickes

AG circuit explanation

This week we would like you to try some circuit training! Really good fun high energy exercising.
Just do what you can during the circuits, if you cannot manage 30 seconds then try 20 seconds.

See if you can do these every day :)

Circuit plan 1

Explanation of how the circuits work

each exercise is performed for 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest then onto the next one ( as seen in the next video)

Once you have completed all 10 repeat the set again.

Circuit plan 2

Step challenge

Count how many steps you take each day and we can see how far you have all walked at the end of lockdown!! Bath, London, Paris? 😊