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‘Fun Fitness’ with Coach Cam #2

Still image for this video

Each Week, ‘Fun Fitness’ videos with Coach Cam will be uploaded. This will consist of a range of movement that will keep you active during this difficult period. Feel free to send in photos and videos of you taking part in the PE video. Also you could challenge your parents/guardians to see if they could take part with you. Furthermore, you can change the times, conducting the exercise longer/shorter or the rest period longer/shorter. Additionally, you can make it more challenging by adding extra rounds and repeating the set of exercises as many times as you can. Enjoy!

1 - 15 Side Hoops
2- 10 Plank Taps (You can start on you’re knees, if you find it to easy you can bring your knees of the floor and do the exercise on you’re feet which is shown in the video)
3 -15 Star Jumps
4 - 5 Tuck Jumps

Try and do at least 2/3rounds

30 seconds of work, Followed by 30 Seconds of Rest

CHALLENGE- To finish at the end, there is a challenge! How many times can you throw item in the air, clap while the ball is in the air and catch the ball? If you don’t have a ball at home, you can use a pair of socks and make it into a ball.

Coach Cam