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Spellings and homework

Term 5 Homework

1) Please read with your child daily or encourage them to read independently for pleasure. 

2) Spelling Shed / Spelling words - please encourage your child to practice the weekly words either using the website/app or using any suitable method you prefer.

3) Times tables / TimesTable Rockstars - all Y4 children need to learn their tables up to 12 x 12.

The current focus in school is the 12x table.

4)  There is no homework project this term.


Term 5 Spellings 

Week 1 (Words ending in ’-tion) invention, injection, action, hesitation, completion, stagnation nomination, migration, communication, selection

Week 2 (Words ending in ’-sion) expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, impression, obsession, procession, omission, concussion

Week 3 (Words ending in ’-cian’) musician, magician, electrician, politician, mathematician, technician, optician, beautician, physician, dietician

Week4 (Words that are adverbs of manner) reluctantly, quickly, generously, unexpectedly, gently, curiously, furiously, seriously, victoriously, courteously

Week 5 (Challenge Words) surprise, separate, group, height, potatoes, though, particular, through, caught, woman

Week 6 (Words that are homophones) scene, who’s, affect, hear, whose, heal, effect, here, heel, seen