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STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Welcome to the STEM pages! Please look through these pages to find some ideas for home learning. We would love to see any work that you produce so feel free to send any pictures into your teachers.

Remember, that STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) means you can ask questions, test your ideas, make mistakes and very importantly learn from these mistakes! It is a chance for you to ask questions and find the best way to answer the questions. 

So be curious, be prepared to make mistakes and have fun!

KS1 and KS2 Ogden Trust Physics Competition!

Ogden Trust physics photo and picture competition

KS1 and KS2, do you know someone with a phone or a camera? Can you take an AMAZING photo to show physics in action? Perhaps you could draw an incredible picture to show physics in action? Look at the slides above and find out how to enter. You could win a £50 Amazon voucher! Get your entry in before Monday 28th November. 

Stem rover challenge

  • How to make a space rover!Follow these instructions to make a rover that could travel across a distant planet's surface. You will have to persevere and evaluate your design though to improve the performance of your rover. Send in a picture of your rover to get onto the webstie.

Coding challenges for all!

A great coding resource. Children need access to a computer but can download what they need from the website for most of the activities. It starts with you having to create a program to move a boat through a maze, there is plenty of opportunity to problem solve!

Dyson Foundation Engineering and Science Challenge

A set of 22 science challenges and 22 engineering challenges using equipment readily available around the home.  Challenges are for children ages 7 and up but there are ideas that can be used with younger children.

How to STEM

A blog written by Emily Hunt, a primary science teacher and STEM enthusiast. There is a link to her book but lots of free ideas on her blog. Well worth a look!

Primary Science Teaching Trust science for home learning

The Primary Science Teaching Trust has teamed up with Science Sparks and developed lots of great ideas that can be enjoyed at home. 

Help for home learning maths 

A message of support from the NCETM designed to for parents and carers with continuing mathematics learning at home.

Every Friday, BBC Bitesize will be adding a page of maths problem solving activities to this website. They increase in difficulty and are ideal for the whole family to try together. Remember to use your habits of a marvellous mathematician to help you and work collaboratively for optimum results!

A wealth of free printable packs from Mathematics Mastery to support home learning.

An opportunity to work towards an award from the Crest team. There are supportive resources on the site and the projects are easy to run. The activities are suitable for a variety of ages.