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Green Flag Award


We are proud to say that we have now achieved our Green Flag Eco Schools Award! We will continue to work towards making our school a more environmentally friendly place, now that we have achieved this goal. You can find tabs showing our school targets and pictures of the work we have done on the Eco Schools main page. We are really proud of this achievement!

Eco Week

On the week beginning 19th April, we celebrated our first Eco Week. We really enjoyed spending more time learning about the planet and our local area. You can find more details, as well as photos and a collaborative Earth Day poem in the Eco Week folder linked below.

Upton site compost bin

Our brilliant caretaker Martin has recently built a large compost bin in the playground on our Upton site. We have already filled it with lots of fruit and garden waste and can't wait to use the compost on our flowerbeds in the future.

Community Clean-Up 

On the weekend of the 12th December 2020, Eco Club invited pupils, parents, carers and staff to spend some time litter picking in the local area. During the first Eco Committee meeting, the class reps decided that reducing the amount of litter in the local area was something they felt passionate about and wanted to change. This event has inspired children to continue litter picking in the local area regularly. Thank you to anyone who has been getting involved!



Eco Assembly


Lead by highly motivated Year 6 Eco club reps, class 6G planned and delivered a fantastic assembly about what we can do the help the environment. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, the assembly explained how climate change can impact our planet and how the younger generation are motivated to solve the problem they are inheriting from previous generations. The assembly was watched by the entire key stage and all the pupils were engaged and inspired.