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Hello Year One


  Welcome to your Monday Phonics lesson. Please watch the video below to find out which sound we will be learning about today. You will need something to write with. 


When you have finished watching the video you could try an extra challenge. Can you write a silly sentence using as many of the words on your list as possible? How many did you get in? 


Have fun smiley

If the video of Mrs Gilbert doesn't work. Today we are looking at the 'ai/ay/a-e alternatives. Please watch the video below of Alphablocks and write down as many 'ai' words as you can. Remember to write down the sound buttons too. 


Which sound would usually at the end of a word? 


Can you use the words to write a sentence? 


Apologies if the video doesn't work! 


Have a look at the Jolly Phonics songs (link on the 'phonics' pencil) Can you learn the 'ai; song?


Alphablocks Series 4 - Name

When A gets hiccups, she can't say her own name - but Magic E and friends sing a song to help her remember.This episode introduces the long A sound, the digr...

Monday 22nd February Phonics Year 1