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Category of

Governor or  





Business Interests, Trustees 

or Governships or any

other potentially

relevant interest


of Office

Derek Hicks




Chair of Governors,

Member of C&P and B&F committee.

Named Governor for E-Safety



Member of Governing

Body of University of West

London. Trustee of

Contemporary Dance Trust. 

10.7.18 to


Gareth Jones

Ex-officio by

virtue as


Executive Head, Member of C&P

and B&F committees

Trustee of Triple H Trust  
Sheena Stewart




Member of C&P and B&F committees

None 1.9.15 ongoing
Jess Birch Co-opted Governor

Chair of C&P committee. Vice-Chair of FGB.  Named Governor for Significant Pupil Groups.

None 16.10.18 to 15.10.22
Mel Bound Parent Governor Vice-Chair of C&P.  Member of C&P committee Director of This Mum Runs 24.1.19 to 23.1.23
Ruth Fergusson Parent Governor

Member of C&P committee.

Named Statutory Governor for SEND.


None 10.9.16 to 9.10.20
John Foot Parent Governor Vice-Chair of B&F.  Member of B&F committee None 24.1.19 to 23.1.23
Darsana Patel Staff Governor Member of B&F committee None 8.10.18 to 31.8.20
David Sawyers



Member of C&P committee.

Named Governor for E-Safety.

None 9.3.19 to 8.3.23
Peter Sell



Chair of B&F committee.  Vice-Chair of FGB.

Named Governor for Health, Safety and


None 9.3.19 to 8.3.23
Jenny Shaw



Vice-Chair of C&P committee

Named Governor for Early Years

None 9.3.19 to 8.3.23
Sarah Luther



Named Statutory Governor for safeguarding

Member of C&P committee

Probationary Trustee of BS3 Community 17.12.19 to 16.12.23
Sue Waller Parent Governor Member of B&F committee

Employee of Bristol

City Council

4.12.19 to 3.12.23


Governors who have left in the last 12 months 


Name Category of Governor Positions Held

Business Interests, Trustees or Governships 

or any other potentially relevant interests

Term of office





Lottie Storey


Co-opted Governor



Parent Governor


Vice-Chair of Governors,

Statutory Governor for safeguarding and children 

in care




Employee of Bristol City Council





16.10.18 to




24.1.19 to 20.5.19



To contact the governors you can leave a message at the school office or email the Chair, Derek Hicks


Lucy Williams is the Clerk to Governors for the governing body. 

The governing body consists of 15 governors including parent governors, co-opted governors, staff governor, local authority governor, and the Executive Head Teacher. The Heads of School are associate members appointed to the governing body but do not have voting rights. The body has the overall responsibility for governance at Ashton Gate Primary School, and meets at least 4 times a year.


The core strategic functions of the governing body are: -

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • holding the Executive Headteacher to account for the educational performance of school and pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent


The governing body carries out much of its business through committees. The governing body decides the constitution, membership and terms of reference of the committees, and reviews these annually.


The Curriculum and Personnel committee consists of at least 4 governors and has elected Jessica Birch as Chair of the committee. The primary focus is to advise the governing body on all matters relating to the National Curriculum, in conjunction with the Executive Headteacher, Heads of School and teaching staff. They are also responsible for HR matters, such as recruitment. They are also responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of safeguarding policies and procedures in school.


The Buildings and Finance committee also consists of at least 4 governors and have elected Peter Sell as Chair. The main function of this committee is to advise the Executive Headteacher and governors on general financial matters, including setting and monitoring the school budget. It is also their function to monitor the effectiveness of health and safety.



Each governor has responsibility for a subject and/or specific aspect of the school's work. This role involves keeping up to date with relevant legislation or OFSTED criteria and an annual Governor Learning Visit (often observing a lesson). The governor then reports back to the rest of the governing body. A list of which governor has which responsibility is in the attached document. 

Attendance at Meetings 2018-19 - rolling totals - updated 17.6.19


Name of Governor                         Attendance at FGB meetings Attendance at committee meetings
Jessica Birch 5/5 4/4
Kam Cormack 5/5 4/4
Alistair Donaldson (left Nov 2018) 1/1 1/1
Ruth Fergusson 5/5 4/4
Derek Hicks 5/5 6/8
Gareth Jones 5/5 7/8
David Sawyers 4/5 3/4
Peter Sell 3/5 4/4
Jenny Shaw 2/5 4/4
Sheena Stewart 5/5 8/8

Darsana Patel (joined Nov 2018)

3/4 2/3
Mel Bound (joined Mar 2019) 3/3 1/3
John Foot (joined Mar 2019) 3/3 1/3
Lottie Storey (Mar - May 2019) 2/2 1/2


Attendance at Meetings 2019-20 (rolling totals - updated 29th January 2020)


Name of Governor

Attendance at FGB Meetings

Attendance at Committee Meetings
Jessica Birch 2/2 1/2
Mel Bound 2/2 2/2
Alistair Donaldson 2/2  
Ruth Fergusson 2/2 1/2
John Foot 1/2 2/2
Derek Hicks 2/2 3/4
Gareth Jones 2/2 4/4
Darsana Patel 0/2 2/2
David Sawyers 2/2 2/2
Peter Sell 2/2 2/2
Jenny Shaw 1/2 1/2
Sheena Stewart 1/2 3/4
Sarah Luther joined 12/19 1/1 0/1
Sue Waller joined 12/19 0/1 1/1