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We had SO much fun learning Maths all day on the 23rd March. We used chalk to draw fractions on the playground, created spiral times table snakes and created our own shape monsters inspired by the book 'Pezzettino' using unifix cubes. We then drew these in our books and wrote down the fractions of our shapes! Following on from our learning about Katherine Johnson in History, we learnt more information about her being a mathematician and the impact she had stereotypes.

We have been busy exploring 2D and 3D shapes! We noticed that 3D shapes can be made up of lots of different 3D shapes.

Dividing by sharing

We worked in pairs to complete division challenges which focused on sharing items into equal groups.

Multiplication through arrays

We created arrays to support us in our understanding of multiplication. We learnt that multiplication is commutative, but the way the array is presented depends on the order of the calculation.

Column addition showdown!

Using a co-operative learning strategy, we worked in groups of 4 to solve column addition problems on whiteboards and compared our answers! 

In Sycamore class, we have been busy learning to count in 3s! We used a 100 square and counters to identify all of the numbers we would say if we started counting in 3s from 0. We then used our new learning to do some counting in 3s challenges!

We worked in groups to order different numbers from greatest to smallest and smallest to greatest! The numbers were between 0 and 100 and we had to think carefully about place value.

We moved around the different investigation stations in the classroom to create different numbers (to 100) using different resources. We used numicon, base 10, bead strings and dice!