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Develop your 3D Shape knowledge

Last week in Year 4, we completed some excellent outdoor maths which explored 3D shapes. Let's build upon this through using a series of lessons from the Oak Academy. Click on the link below to find 5 lessons:

1. Using and applying knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes

2. Identifying the properties of 3D shapes

3. Identifying the properties of constructed 3D shapes

4. Problem solving using 2D and 3D shapes

5. Consolidating 3D shape learning


Please remember to keep up your multiplication speed skills through using TTRS or click on the link below to use the free online game: Hit the Button.

Consolidate your Year 4 knowledge

Below are links to videos showing you Summer themed teaching presentations with embedded Maths activities and problems. There are no worksheets for you to complete. Watch the videos with some paper and a pencil, and be ready to 'Have a go' when it asks you to.