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Maths T6 



Capacity - exploring the capacity of different containers- make predictions about how many cups different containers will hold. Write a prediction and then test. 


Measuring looking at ml and l and discuss units of measuring capacity. Use a measuring jug- can you fill it to 300ml? 1 litre? 


Give your child a selection of bottles/ containers with different amounts in. Can they measure how much is in each container using a measuring jug. Write a label for each container (don’t forget the units ml) then order them from least to most.


Counting in 2/5/10 


Play shops- price everything with 2p/5p or 10p. Buy multiple items and ask your children to give receipt showing the repeated addition (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8p 


Give your child pile of 2/5/10p coins - count them


Other number games


Play snakes and ladders (or any other board game) - using a 100 square to find numbers 


Write 10 numbers on scraps of paper and hide them around the house. Ask your child to find all the numbers then order them from smallest to biggest. Make sure they look carefully at how many tens and how many ones in each number.