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This is our final week of division. If you have missed some learning, please go back and complete the work from last week.

On Monday, we are asking you to do a Division Exit ticket which we would normally do at the end of a unit, and then, from Tuesday onwards, we are asking you to choose your own learning from the options below, depending on how you did in your Exit Ticket.

Make sure you watch Tuesday's video which explains this and all the options for you.


Monday 18th January
Tuesday 19th January

Below are the Maths tasks for you to choose from. Try and complete one every day.

You might want to re-watch a teaching video from last week to help you remember the methods you have been using to solve division questions. The Exit ticket 'top sheet' will direct you to which video you should re-watch.

These tasks are intended for you to have extra practice 
The following problem solving tasks are intended for you once you feel confident with solving division questions.