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Maths Easter Challenge!


If you are looking for a fun maths activity to do over Easter, how about an Easter egg hunt with an added twist?


You will need:

Eggs or another object to hide

Maths questions (these could be based on your times tables)

Answers to the questions stuck on to the eggs or hidden with the eggs


Create some maths questions, here are some ideas:

5 x 5 =

7 x 10 =

3 x 4 =

2 x 8 =

11 x 5 =

12 x 2 =

10 x 10 =

8 x 5 =

7 x 3 =

9 x 4 =


Hide the eggs with the answers, you need to pick a question and then find the matching egg.


This is a fun Easter egg hunt to do with your family. 


Maths Activities for the week commencing 30th March with Mrs Tiernan

Follow the You Tube link to find Mrs Tiernan talking you through some of the maths activities that you can do at home this week,

Daily Maths Workouts:


The maths workouts below take a similar format to the 'maths meetings' that we complete in school. Each work out should take about 10 minutes and can be completed as often as you like, usually 3 - 4 times a week when we are in school. The workouts and answers can be found below.  

Picture 1
Picture 2



Well done everyone who contributed to the battle of the bands. It was a very close call between the top two teams but we have a winner! The final results are...


1ST PLACE - Avon with 100,363 coins

2ND PLACE - Severn with 96,338 coins

3RD PLACE - Frome with 31,357 coins


Well done Avon!


Congratulations also go to the top contributors from each house. You will receive a certificate when we return to school.


Severn: Ellis W, Year 4

Avon: Haniel O, Year 3

Frome: Leo W, Year 4

Trym: Joseph M, Year 4

Spend some time on Times Tables Rock Stars practising your times tables. 


Year 3 Home learning Pack