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For the next two weeks our maths learning is all about  time.  




This is what we will be covering

  • Before and after
  • Dates
  • Time to the hour
  • Time to the half hour
  • Writing time
  • Comparing time


There are 10 lessons for time with a short introductory video.



Maths - additional activities


  • Help pair up the socks from the washing and count the pairs in 2s.
  • Measure the height/length of different objects and compare.
  • How many cups of water does it take to full a bucket? How many jugs does it take to fill a bucket? How many buckets to fill a bath? What’s the difference?
  • Go on a number hunt around the house.
  • When eating your tea begin by counting how many vegetables, chips, beans etc. Compare to adults, younger child. Do you have more, less, equal amounts?
  • Log onto Numbots (look at your reading log for your log-in details).
  • Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Use dominoes to solve additions.
  • Play a game of snakes and ladders.
  • Practise your number bonds to 10. If you can remember all of these, practise your number bonds to 20!
  • Draw 3 everyday objects that are shaped like a cube.
  • Count knives, forks and spoons in the cutlery drawer. Which one do you have the most/least of?
  • Draw 3 objects around your home that are the same size as your hand.
  • Watch the clock and practising telling the time using o’clock and half past.