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Lesson 2

What is a second?

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Things that you can do in one second.  Go on! Have a go!


1. Blink.
2. Breathe.
3. Snap your fingers (one time).
4. Look right.
5. Look left.
6. Glance out the window.
7. Glance in a mirror.
8. Say, "Hi."
9. Stick out your tongue.
10. Lick an ice cream cone.
11. Write the first letter of your name.
12. Strike a pose.
13. Jump
14. Wave
15. Touch your nose.
16. Cough (once)
17. Sniff
18. Underline one word (a short word).
19. Count to 1.
20. Turn a page.
21. Stand up abruptly.
22. Think of a word.
23. Point
24. Frown
25. Smile
26. Press any letter on your keyboard.
27. Open a book.
28. Close a book.
29. Tilt your head to the side.
30. Wink

Second activity

Writing Time


Mathematical Talk

Can you think of an activity that you could do in 5 seconds?


How many star jumps can you do in 10 seconds?


Using a stop watch, record how many times you can do these activities in 20 seconds.

* Write your name

* Hops on the spot


Can you think of an activity that you could do in a minute?

Can you think of an activity that would take about an hour?