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Knowledge of the World - People and Communities

People and Communities


Children find out about the past through talking to parents, grandparents, adults at school and friends and they develop an interest in their own story as well as the stories in their family – this is how they begin to develop an understanding of the past and lay the foundations for further exploration of History. They also begin to explore, understand and celebrate the similarities and differences they have with others in terms of characteristics and ideas. 


As children start school we explore 'Ourselves' and discuss our families and past experiences, bringing in photographs from home to share. Regular opportunities for 'Show and Tell' encourage children to develop the language to talk about past events and experiences. Later on in the year children take turns to bring home a 'special box' in which they put items that are important to their story, or stories in their family. Children develop skills to explore and discuss people and communities by sharing their story and listening and responding to those of others. Each class also has a class bear and diary that children take turns to take home with them and record events over a few days, which they will later share with the class. Adults sensitively scaffold children to use appropriate, rich language to develop their narrative and talk about the past.