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Throwing and catching under pressure drill

Throwing: How to Generate Power with Miss Khan

Again this video was made for my class children. So you’ll just see the PE aspect of it.

The main focus of this video:
1) Generating power(through your follow through)
2) Follow through action
3) To apply last weeks key skills: stable base, non throwing arm and target


Catching Technique( Short Sharp Catches) with Miss Khan: you may remember me as Coach Sid ;)

Hi everyone! Long time no see! As you know we are going through some tough times but it is important to keep on top of our sports skills. Being an avid sports lover, I thought it would be great to share a clip with you that has been taken from my class video that I made for my class children. I believe all children can be involved and therefore have decided to upload for all the classes. Enjoy the mini sport sessions focusing on key skills such as throwing, catching and many more.

The Catching technique involves 4 key points:
1) Stable base: Shoulder width apart
2) Knees bent: to allow quick movement up, down or to the side (agility)
3) Hands: cupped position
4) Keep your eye on the ball

The Catching technique will be developed further each week.

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