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As you know, we had different activities planned for our return to school after camp. Although we are unable to do these together, there is no reason why you cannot adapt some of them at home. Remember that we have been in this situation before and you coped magnificently, so we can do it again. What got us through it last time was staying connected and keeping in touch with people, so let's do the same this time.


Have a look at this list, choose something, adapt an idea or add a new one. Just let us know what you are up to so we can keep in touch and keep smiling. 


  • Look through all your films. Pick an old favourite or a new  one to watch. Snuggle up, get your favourite snack and relax watching it. 


  • Make an ice-cream sundae! We were  going to have an ice-cream van visiting, but have a trawl through your cupboards and freezer and see if you can create your own spectacular ice-cream creation!


  • Look through all the photos from PGL, take time to remember everything that happened. Maybe you could phone a relative or friend and tell them all about it. You might want to write a letter explaining the best bit to them! You could write a review for us to use next year to share with the current year 5...this could be in the form of a poster, video or powerpoint. 


  • Recreate a famous movie or moment in history, using props from home! Send us a picture and we'll try to guess it!