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Home Learning - Year 2

In the folders below you will find the home learning that has been set.  When preparing the work the Year 2 teachers have made it as engaging as possible for the children.  For this reason many of the PowerPoints are in colour and some will have darker backgrounds with lighter text.  Many children who find reading difficult find it easier to read a body of text that has been prepared this way.  These presentations are not designed to be printed but rather read from a screen.  If a document is designed to be printed you will find (TP) at the end of the title.  As a team we will endeavour to ensure that these documents use as little colour as possible.

Ablaze Poetry Competition 2021


Would you like to have your poem published?


Over the last 4 years , Ashton Gate primary school has taken part in the annual Bristol Ablaze Poetry Competition. Since taking part, we have seen a number of children across the school go onto having their poem entries published. We would love to celebrate some more poems being published in 2021, so take a look at the details below and get inspired!


We look forward to reading your poems.