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SATs breakfast!

What is your favourite breakfast? You might have it every morning, or only now and again as a special treat but we want you to think carefully about your favourite breakfast. As you know, SATs week was due to start on Monday 11th May and we were planning a celebration breakfast on 15th May. We want you to plan your breakfast for 15th May and make a celebration breakfast (you have worked very hard in year 6, you deserve a celebration!). We want someone to take a photo of you enjoying your breakfast and we will put the picture on the website; almost as if we are all having breakfast together! We hope that the celebration breakfast will be on the website for May 18th. So get planning! 

Frida Kahlo webinar 26th May 

Art Enthusiasts London are hosting a webinar on 26th May. 

It costs £3.50


Check out this link for live lessons you can access at home. They will encourage you to explore your garden in new and interesting ways! These lessons are for Friday 24th and Thursday 30th